Arburg at the Plastpol 2015 Arburg na targach Plastpol 2015

Arburg at the Plastpol 2015
From 26 to 29 May, Arburg will exhibit three applications to represent the broad spectrum of plastic parts production at the Plastpol 2015: a hydraulic and a hybrid Allrounder will produce toy buggies and syringe barrels respectively, while a freeformer will demonstrate mould-free additive manufacturing.

A hydraulic Allrounder 420 C from the entry-level Golden Edition machine series will demonstrate the cost-effective production of toy buggies at the Plastpol 2015 Weighing 25 grams, the moulded parts are injection moulded in a cycle time of around 30 s. A hybrid Allrounder 520 H will produce eight 20-ml syringe barrels in a cycle time of only eleven seconds. Before the mould is opened, an unscrewing device is used to perform a Luer Lock thread demoulding.

Arburg has developed the freeformer and Arburg Plastic Freeforming for the industrial additive manufacturing of one-off parts and multi-variant small-volume batches. This innovative system operates on the basis of standard granulates and 3D CAD data. At the Plastpol 2015, a freeformer will combine standard ABS with a special support material to produce a key fob featuring a ball joint.