Solutions for Stretch Hood & Heavy Duty Bags

Improving Circularity in Stretch Hood & Heavy Duty Bags

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Find out how our mono-material solutions can help you in your sustainable flexible packaging!

Today, even in the most advanced supply chain systems such as those in Europe, transported goods are damaged in one form or another. Materials used in transport packaging must provide protection and load stability, and offer superior processing characteristics and mechanical properties for product unitization and logistics purposes.

During our webinar, our presenters from SABIC's flexible packaging team will highlight our material solutions for improving circularity and safe transportation of goods.

Webinar key highlights:

  • Heavy-duty shipping bags
  • Stretch hood for transportation of goods on pallets
  • The circular economy solutions for industrial film

Our Speakers:


We hope to see you in our webinar on February 15th (Wednesday)!

1:00 PM Central European Time

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Polyolefins, PVC, Polyester and PS, Olefins, Aromatics and gasoline products, Fibre intermediates, Industrial gases, Linear alpha olefins