WITTMANN 4.0 - the flexible Industry 4.0 production cell

Another important reason why flexibility in the composition of production cells is necessary is the separation of maintenance cycles for different appliances. The most costly components of a production cell are normally either the injection molding machine or the mold, and these should normally define the maintenance cycle of the entire production cell. For otherwise those appliances of a production cell which have the shortest maintenance cycle would have a negative effect on the efficiency of the entire production cell. The payback periods of machines and appliances would be prolonged accordingly, and the entire sense of implementing Industry 4.0 would become doubtful.

Unique and comprehensive

WITTMANN 4.0 is the only solution in the injection molding industry so far, which completely amalgamates all data and simultaneously enables the flexible composition of production cells. Users benefit from WITTMANN 4.0 in many ways. The procedures previously adopted by injection molding companies in forming production cells can be maintained. But in addition, the production and process data including correct allocation to the production cells are collected and thus enable correct, informative evaluations.

Unilog B8 Control

Operator, carrying out robot settings using the injection molding machine’s UNILOG B8 control.

Source: WITTMANN Group

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