Trexel and Milacron with agreement for MuCell technology

Trexel and Milacron with agreement…
Trexel Inc., the exclusive provider of MuCell Microcellular Foam injection molding technology has recently signed a partnership agreement with Milacron that allows Milacron to incorporate the MuCell technology into their injection molding equipment offering.

"We believe that Milacron is uniquely capable to provide the complete melt distribution and control solution for MuCell systems. Our extensive portfolio of primary processing equipment, combined with industry leading hot runner and control systems will allow MuCell technology to expand into new and untapped markets", said Bruce Catoen, Milacron's Chief Technology Officer.

Catoen went on to elaborate saying: "Together with our partner Trexel, Milacron has proven the viability of MuCell in blow molding, co-injection, higher surface finish parts and high cavitation packaging applications. The light weighting, low tonnage, reduced warp and sink benefits of MuCell can now be exploited in markets that were previously not possible. This is a very exciting opportunity for both companies and we are extremely happy to be partnering with Trexel".

Under the agreement, Milacron will receive the rights to resell the Trexel MuCell SCF gas dosing equipment directly to their customers under the Milacron, Ferromatik, Uniloy and Mold-Masters brands while transferring the operating rights under Trexel's patents to their end user without any added fees or costs.
"We are very excited for Milacron to offer their customers turnkey MuCell technology solutions," said Steve Braig, President and CEO of Trexel Inc. "Milacron, Ferromatik and Mold-Masters provide injection molding systems across all major end user markets globally. Uniloy is a leading blow molding machinery manufacturer and we look forward to partnering with them in developing blow molded automotive light weighting solutions."

The patented Trexel MuCell foaming technology involves the introduction of precisely metered quantities of atmospheric gases (nitrogen or carbon dioxide) to create a foamed part, resulting in high quality precision and engineered plastic components, while greatly reducing production costs associated with lower material consumption, shorter molding cycle times, and reduced machine clamping tonnage requirements. For the automotive sector, the MuCell process enables component manufacturers to light weight plastic parts for overall vehicle weight reduction and improved fuel economy. The process also leads to predictable and repeatable part geometry, allowing for the use of lower cost polyolefin resins without warpage or distortion.


Trexel, Inc., headquartered in Wilmington, MA has led the development of the MuCell Microcellular foaming technology and has pioneered many plastic processing solutions. Process deployment as well as equipment is supported by teams of highly qualified engineers through Trexel subsidiaries in North America,
Europe, and Asia.

Milacron LLC, a CCMP Capital Partners portfolio company, is committed to being the leading suppliers of plastics-processing technologies and industrial fluids around the world.