The world of injection moulding meets up at Sumitomo (SHI) Demag

The world of injection moulding meets up at Sumitomo (SHI) Demag
The technology to increase production efficiency has for many years been the focus of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Plastics Machinery GmbH, Schwaig near Nuremberg.

Under the concept "Production efficiency activePlus" the technology orientated injection moulding machine manufacturer has made these activities the focal point of this year's Customer Day on 24 May 2012 at their factory in Schwaig near Nuremberg.

"For us, striving for increasingly greater production efficiency, is no momentary trend but an inherent tradition in our company and corresponds exactly with the needs of our customers“, explained Marketing Director Bernd Tröger, and furthermore: "How injection moulding processing companies arrange their production more efficiently using our 13 activePlus technology components, can be experienced at first hand by visitors to our company "Trade Fair" demonstrated on all three of our current ranges of machines and even on an older Ergotech injection moulding machine.“

More than ten innovative and to some extent highly automated exhibits, demonstrated in the Technical Centre, are from the model series IntElect, Systec and El-Exis SP showing the influence of activePlus components on production performance, production quality, availability, energy efficiency as well as durability, all tailor made to the specific requirements of the various branches: Here we have, for example, the use of the switchable non-return valve activeLock to achieve the highest process consistency for high precision manufacture with all-electric machines as well as the functions activeFlowBalance and activeDynamics for greater increase in component quality. With active Adjust the acceleration and braking processes for the hybrid fast cycle machines El-Exis SP can be individually optimised. In the case of hydraulic machines, activeCool&Clean ensures long oil change intervals. And even the older NC4 controlled injection moulding machines can be assured of an energy efficient future by retro-fitting an energy saving drive system.

Presentations on new technologies and applications in German and English will go more deeply into the broad spectrum of production efficiency and give an insight in to current projects as well as future developments.

"We very much look forward to an exchange with the international injection moulding branches. We begin, however, the evening before with a relaxing round of drinks in a traditional Nuremberg hostelry and enjoy the local Franconian specialities. Later on, with Franconian-Japanese specialities and live-music, the event will draw to a conclusion in our factory on Thursday evening“, said Bernd Tröger.



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