The latest production technology for EMS services

The latest production technology… EMS services (Electronic Manufacturing Services) cover the entire range of contract manufacturing of electronic assemblies, devices and systems. In addition, EMS is a method of outsourcing where parts of the value added chain are outsourced to a partner in order to optimize costs and to be able to concentrate more on the development of new products, marketing and sales.

As a competent partner in the field of contract manufacturing, the drive and automatization specialist Baumüller based in Nuremberg supports its customers across the entire value added chain: from consultation to prototype production to series production. Baumüller continuously invests in this sector in order to expand its production of electronic assemblies.

With the new ERSA Smartflow, Baumüller is offering its customers an economically and qualitatively attractive alternative to the manual and wave soldering process. This is the perfect solution, especially when layouts of products are frequently changed or only small quantities of a certain type are to be produced. The new selective soldering system has features that ensure process safety, such as the spray jet monitoring or process monitoring cameras. The Ersa SMARTFLOW was specifically developed for difficult soldering processes in order to replace manual soldering here as well. This ensures the highest level of precision in selective soldering technology and allows for a faster processing of these soldering operations.

A real win for contract manufacturing: All process parameters are stored in a database, which can be quickly accessed if a new order is issued or in the event of inquiries.


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