Tailor-made for standard card printers

Tailor-made for standard card…
Personalization of cards and ID cards with color-printable Makrofol ID film.

Passports, driver’s licenses, company ID cards and other cards made of Makrofol ID polycarbonate film are durable and capable of withstanding high thermal and mechanical loads.

A color personalization of IDs and cards made of polycarbonate can make life even more difficult for forgers. For this purpose, Bayer MaterialScience has developed Makrofol ID Dyefusion.

“Cards with this overlay film combine two options for personalization,” explains Georgios Tziovaras, an expert on plastic security cards at Bayer MaterialScience. “On the one hand, color pictures can be printed on the film cost-efficiently by means of dye sublimation technology. On the other hand, a laser engraving method can be used.”

An overlay can be applied to the print image if required to protect it against abrasion. The new film offers all the advantages characteristically associated with the Makrofol ID range – such as long-term flexural strength, minimal distortion and heat resistance.