Success of Moretto's German RoadShow

Plastics expert Michael Delzeit, Head of Operating Technology at GS Kunststofftechnik KG, is among those who can confirm this. At the initial sight of the 20 pieces of equipment and systems, he commented: "This is a tremendous achievement, Fakuma in miniature, everything is there, and at the latest version!" GS manufactures parts and components, complex modules and units, supplies assembled components and/or finished plastics products, also 'ready to use', if required. The company’s markets include hygiene, household appliances, cosmetics, sanitary, as well as general engineering. The modern GS plant comprises more than 40 state-of-the-art injection moulding machines with clamping forces between 25 to 1300 tons. This set-up provides considerable flexibility, allowing for large batch production as well as for small lots, even including new product development with quantities from just one. Shot weights from one to 8,000 grams - such is the flexibility. Michael Delzeit speaks from experience, his views representative of medium-sized injection moulding manufacturers in the region, and in general: "The roadshow has attracted my attention; I was keen to see, but also to compare. We manufacture precision components, where requirements at the visible surface and the accuracy of fit, not overlooking robustness, are vital. This is why we also include mirror quality chrome finish cavities. Everything depends on the precision of process conditions and parameter. Angel hair and other impurity factors are out of the question. Here at GS, everything must operate like clockwork - short distances, simple yet technically flawless setups, handling and maintenance, no faults, no rejects or scraps. In this comfortable roadshow lorry I have seen several interesting solutions, mentioning the OTX hopper, the TE-KO temperature control unit, and the compact X Dry Air Dryer for assembly on top of the machine, to name just three. These could be of much interest to us!"

To interpret the expression 'micro-Fakuma' in any other way, 'micro' relates to smallest possible construction dimensions, minimal installation, setup, maintenance and reaction times, negligible deviations from optimum performance and precision, including lowest possible energy consumption, reject rates, risks to safety. The technical as well as economic cost factors relating to the latest generation of Moretto systems and equipment have been explored, tested and fully taken into consideration. Here is an overview of the roadshow exhibits: Eureka, X Max Dryer, OTX, Flomatik, MPK Krystallizer, TE-KO, Cruise Control, Dolphin, Cyclone Filter, Bilock/Trilock, Kasko, DVK Krystal, DGM Gravix, One Wire 6, Movis components for centralized systems rigorously manufactured in Moretto. Just in case a personal presentation misses one or two of the special technical terms in one of the given languages, the on-board video show on large screen clarifies the entire program of material processing in seven languages.

The introduction as well as the conclusion is given by Renato Moretto, CEO of Moretto S.p.A. "Many roads take the traveller to Rome, in other words there are many new ways to tackle an issue. We follow not only conventional but also new paths, previously unexplored. With our RoadShow we have so far found much attention and resonance with our existing customers; we have also attracted many new prospective customers. They all value the attention to detail we apply to demonstrate our commitment in our latest products and comprehensive services provision - as near to their location as it is possible. Inevitably, we could sense some mild resistance when we first arrived at our first large customer. But the company management team asked their technical managers, their sales team and the shift supervisors to visit the roadshow vehicle at their doorstep. The ice was melted, the initial scepticism dissolved, our concept was welcomed. We are working towards several target locations in France and Italy. During Fakuma, between October 13 and 17, 2015, we wish exhibition visitors a rewarding time at our roadshow facility outside hall B3. Following Fakuma, we will take to the road again, this time covering Austria and Switzerland. The show must go on."



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