Success of Moretto's German RoadShow

Success of Moretto's German… The ultra-long articulated lorry, centerpiece of the Moretto red roadshow, has had quite a challenging journey, arriving in Germany directly from Poland. The unit was a key complementing component to the Moretto exhibition stand during Plastpol in Kielce. With this mobile exhibition truck, on five axles, more than 20 meters long and 4.5 meters wide, significant successes have been achieved. Every day, almost 100 visitors came to inspect the different components of the company's entire production portfolio - expertly displayed in the vehicle's air-conditioned interior. Yves Radoux, branch manager of Moretto Deutschland GmbH, the group's German subsidiary, was in charge of the connecting exhibition at Maschinenservice Schneider & Söhne (MSS) GmbH at their service headquarters in Herbolzheim, Baden-Württemberg/Germany. At MSS's head office in Essen/Germany this first roadshow at the beginning of March 2015 achieved remarkable successes. "During the two days, we welcomed almost 100 guests and several pieces of equipment were sold. More importantly, we were able to generate a number of serious enquiries and project approaches as a result of our intensive and very personal attention and practical illustrations at the units", explains Yves Radoux. The roadshow started in the Nurnberg region, made a pit stop at a large company in North Rhine-Westphalia, and continued its journey to Bocholt and Darmstadt. "Our continuous journey lasted two weeks; the program included two appointments per day", reminisces Marco Wolz, sales engineer, "… we were able to perfect our presentations continuously and were rewarded with much praise for our commitment. We were constantly in demand. We were confronted with production managers responsible for injection moulding, extrusion and raw material production. The discussions and equipment demonstrations were thorough and in-depth."

The Kaiserstuhl region, close to the Black Forest, is not only a very popular tourist destination, but is also known by experts as a center for state-of-the-art mechanical precision and innovation, a small Silicon Valley. It is no coincidence that the area is home to two noteworthy injection moulding manufacturers, in the midst of several hundred medium-sized and larger plastics processing companies. Their components are used in the automobile, packaging, electro, electronic, toy, domestic products industries, also for the medical and pharmaceutical technologies and in aviation and aerospace. "This compact market is of such great significance to us that we have established a service center at Herbolzheim. We have invited all plastics experts to visit our in-house exhibition and the Moretto roadshow. We were able to seamlessly connect with our success in Essen", explains Andreas Schneider, managing director at MSS, a Moretto partner since October 2014. "This can be seen as a very condensed exhibition, but without the stresses, the inevitable noise, hustle and bustle, or the long distances to be covered every day. We concentrated on the task in a calm controlled environment, focusing on the equipment - hands-on", says Kay Engler, his local service manager. At the MSS facility, the visitors had access to three injection moulding machines, plus dryers, dosing equipment, robots, spanning and gripping systems, mould components, heating and cooling technology, conveyor belts and grinders - all at their fingertips. "Here, on June 12, we had a miniature injection moulding shop at state-of-the-art technology", summarizes Andreas Bexte, the MSS sales manager.

At the red mega-truck, ten meters from the front of the hall, Moretto experts, Giulio Zarpellon, Yves Radoux and Marco Wolz, greeted guests to a comprehensive presentation of high-end ancillaries between plastics raw material production and the feed zone of a processing machine, not forgetting the entire equipment for material handling, including computer-aided local control technology, right up to operational planning and control (Movis) at the control center.


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