Significant rise in Krones

Significant rise in Krones
Demand for Krones’ products and services has steadily increased since the beginning of 2011.

The world’s market leader for beverage filling and packaging technology has benefited not only from the good macro-economic situation, but also from its strong position on fast-growing markets like China and South America.

The company’s order bookings, at 628.6 million euros, increased by 14.2 % in the year’s first quarter on a like-for-like comparison. Sales, at 606.7 million euros, were 13.7 % up on the preceding year’s equivalent quarter. Krones’ profitability showed a significant improvement. Thanks to the healthy order situation, the firm’s production capacities were being very well utilised in the year’s first quarter.

Earnings before taxes rose during January to March 2011, the period under review, from 13.2 million euros in the preceding year to 35.2 million euros. The EBT margin, the ratio between earnings before taxes and sales revenues, was 5.8 % (preceding year: 2.5 %). After taxes, Krones earned consolidated profits of 24.8 million euros (preceding year: 9.1 million euros). Earnings per share improved from 0.30 to 0.82 euros.
Krones is benefiting from the currently auspicious development of the global economy. However, the times of linear growth planning are history. Present-day markets are characterised by volatility, trend reversals and uncertainty.

With the result for the year’s first quarter, Krones has created a solid foundation for achieving its targets for 2011 as a whole. From today’s perspective, Krones is confident of generating growth of 7 to 10 % in consolidated sales, and exceeding a pretax return on sales of 5 % (year 2010: 3.3 %). In the year’s first quarter, Krones has already succeeded in this, with an EBT margin of 5.8 %.

Beyond the year of 2011 as well, Krones aims to proactively and purposefully shape its corporate future. The target and aspiration is that the pretax return in 2012 – provided the global economy continues to progress auspiciously – will thanks to improved profit margins in all segments once again return to a sustainable 7 %. In terms of sales, too, Krones anticipates further growth for all segments.

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