Second Sidel complete line solution for Lithuanian bottler

Second Sidel complete line solution for Lithuanian bottler
Sidel, the leading provider of production equipment and services for liquids in PET, has supplied two complete line solutions to BMV (Birštono Mineraliniai Vandenys) in Lithuania in less than two years. Following the success of its original PET bottling Greenfield project, the company ordered a Sidel line with a very similar scope of supply again. Sidel also collaborated on the design of BMV's new eye-catching and product-differentiating PET bottle shapes to boost sales of the client's water brands. The new design contributed to lightweighting the bottles by up to 30%.

"We were really satisfied with the performance achieved by the first Sidel Combi - a Sidel Combi FMc - in terms of production safety and efficiency. We believe this original complete line solution was the first integrated blow-fill-cap solution ever in the Baltic States. We had no doubts when considering enlarging our production volume again: the Sidel Combi was the obvious choice", comments Mr. Norbertas Pranckus, CEO of BMV.

Making the most of a natural resource

BMV is a well-known and leading provider of mineral water in the Baltic States. Its water, rich in beneficial minerals and famous for its unique properties - and for the fact that it has the highest level of mineralisation in Europe - was first bottled on an industrial basis in 1924. Today BMV is a modern company using advanced technology and strict quality control methods to bring natural mineral water from its original source to the consumer in exactly the same form as enjoyed by the region's ancestors.

BMV is currently selling three water brands: 'Vytautas', 'Birute' and 'Akvile' (the latter is suitable for baby food). The company's beverages are widely exported, including to neighbouring Baltic countries, as well as further afield including to the UK, the United States, China and the Gulf region.

A successful Greenfield project

In 2008, BMV began bottling natural mineral water under the 'Akvile' brand. Some years later, the company intended to update one of its production lines with new equipment and so approached Sidel for the first time. The Baltic producer asked Sidel to support with a technical and financial proposal for a new complete packaging line solution for bottling 'Akvile'. This was a Greenfield project to increase PET water production capacity to meet market demand.

A dedicated Sidel team collaborated closely with the customer at the early stages of the company's first complete water bottling line project. The team developed a complete project plan, selected all of the specific equipment, defined the floor layout and implementation plan and detailed a cost analysis and budget plan, including the management of third-party contributors. To make sure the line was ready for production, Sidel used the latest technology and methods including feasibility studies, simulation modelling and 3D animations to ensure that the line's master plans were carefully constructed and perfectly controlled.

Once the design for the new water line was established, it was implemented as fast and as efficiently as possible. It required thorough planning, management and follow-up, from start to finish. The Sidel team ensured a smooth delivery and ramp-up based on a detailed project and plant management, which ensured that the targets were achieved in record time.

"We were particularly satisfied with the entire experience of dealing with Sidel and witnessing the benefits of the company's engineering support experience was key in the success of this Greenfield project and complete line solution", explains CEO of BMV, Mr. Pranckus.



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