SABIC serves global caps & closures sector by providing one source for diverse, innovative materials and services

SABIC serves global caps &…
At Plastics Caps & Closures 2010, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) is highlighting its innovative polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) materials and application development capabilities that can help customers achieve key goals, including enhanced sustainability, competitive advantage and a reliable source of supply.

Stephan Eltink, International Account Manager for caps & closures, is presenting “Culture of Innovation in Caps & Closures,” on December 1st. He will highlight SABIC solutions that address key industry trends: creation of more environmentally responsible products; the growing division between commodity and value-added closures, and volatility in raw material markets. Eltink will show how the SABIC Culture of Innovation is helping customers create, differentiate and optimize new caps and closures.

SABIC is strongly committed to the caps & closures industry and offers a unique value proposition: a global presence, financial stability and reliable access to assets in both Europe and Middle East to ensure a steady, long-term supply of resins. To provide customers a single source for materials and expertise, the company continues to develop new PP and PE materials that improve performance, enhance sustainability and reduce system costs in applications ranging from healthcare to specialty and high-volume packaging.

SABIC serves global caps & closures sector by providing one source for diverse, innovative materials and services

For example, SABIC HDPE organo grades for still water caps utilize high-efficiency slurry technology to help reduce off-flavors while offering a reduced carbon footprint of up to 17 percent vs. gas phase technology.

According to Mario Scholle, Business Manager HDPE Europe, “SABIC successfully tackled the sustainability challenge of removing residual chemicals from our HDPE resins to reduce off-tastes from plastic caps. Traditional methods used a great deal of energy. We used our innovative slurry process that produces HDPE with superior organoleptic properties but requires much less energy. This is a great example of how SABIC has raised the bar for both product quality and sustainability.”

A number of SABIC resins have been developed to reduce system costs through optimized processing, faster crystallization and improved mechanical properties to enable down-gauging. SABIC PP QRYSTAL clarified PP random copolymers for crystal-clear overcaps and airless closures enable lower processing temperatures that reduce energy by up to 15 percent, cutting costs and emissions.

Guido Croonen, Business Manager, Polypropylene noted, “Our QRYSTAL grades, which process at lower temperatures than traditional materials, not only save energy but also accelerate crystallization and cooling for shorter cycle times. These innovative materials can make a significant contribution to lower system costs and higher productivity.”

To assist customers with application design, development, testing and process optimization, SABIC has a dedicated team focused on the caps & closures sector and a comprehensive sustainability department. SABIC experts can help customers target the best materials instead of going through a time-consuming trial and error process. Technical specialists collaborate with customer teams early in the process to align materials with design, streamline the transition to commercial production and accelerate time to market.