SABIC’s 3D-Formed LEXAN™ Sheet Increases Visibility, Safety, Comfort and Performance of Rottne Forestry Vehicle Glazing

Seeing the Forest and the Trees

SABIC’s LEXAN MARGARD MR5E sheet offers the best optical properties of the LEXAN PC product line. It meets the highest requirements with regard to black specks, bubbles, lint and fibers, as well as distortion and ripple defects. Compared to glass, the material provides a weight savings of approximately 50 percent and is virtually unbreakable. It complies with the ECE 43R regulation of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UN/ECE) concerning the approval of safety glazing materials. Thanks to a durable hard coating, LEXAN MARGARD MR5E sheet delivers excellent abrasion and chemical resistance to preserve its optical clarity and attractive appearance and provide easy maintenance over the long term.

3D-formed LEXAN MARGARD adds value to the LEXAN sheet, making the parts much easier to install in cabins and reducing the risk of defects during installation.

For their forestry equipment, Rottne Industry AB selected LEXAN MARGARD sheet for all the windows that are screen printed with a fade-out band, which covers the glue used for installing the windows in the metal frame, and then both sides are hardcoated.

The forwarder windshield and windows use the LEXAN MARGARD MR5IR sheet featuring near IR light absorption in the wavelength range of 780-1400 nm. By managing IR heat from sunlight striking the operator’s cabin, this material helps save energy and protects against potentially harmful UV radiation, yet provides clear visibility. This technology reduces heat build-up in the cabin and can help cut air conditioning costs on hot and sunny days.

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