Rhodia ready to serve the automotive pollution control market in China

Rhodia ready to serve the automotive pollution control market in China
Rhodia, the world leader in rare earth-based formulations, announces the commissioning of a new production unit on its Liyang site in China.

This facility, which until now produced formulations dedicated to the electroluminescence market, is now getting ready to produce rare earth-based compounds for the local automotive catalysis market.

Among Rhodia’s six industrial sites worldwide producing formulations based on rare earths, only the factories in La Rochelle (France), Anan Kasei (Japan) and Cincinnati (USA) manufacture compounds for automotive catalysis. With a rapidly growing automotive market in China and the rapid adoption of new standards governing vehicle emissions, Rhodia is putting itself in a position to service the Chinese market by the end of this year.

Rhodia has been pursuing its production activities in Liyang since 2000. The factory is located in Jiangsu, a coastal province between Shanghai and Nanjin. Employing about 415 people, this site boasts the expertise to purify and separate rare earths before proceeding with their formulation, in full compliance with the Group’s standards of operational excellence. The site currently produces formulations mainly for the international electronics market.

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Rhodia is a world leader in the development and production of specialty chemicals.




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