Pregis` Airspeed 9000 package targets high-end bottle applications

Pregis Corp. targets wine, spirits and other highend beverages with stock and custom versions of its inflatable AirSpeed 9000 secondary package.

The patented design features a series of adjoining air tubes which are securely
inflated to cushion and protect products during shipment. The tubes are connected via a series of patented one-way valves. If one chamber is punctured, the others remain inflated.

AirSpeed 9000 is easy to use. First, the product is loaded into a deflated package. The AirSpeed structure is then inflated through an external valve. Air travels through a sequence of air chambers. The package can then be loaded into a carton for shipping or given to a consumer for personal transport. Made from a coextrusion of lowdensity polyethylene film and nylon, AirSpeed 9000 also has superior air retention.

With recent restrictions on the amount of liquid passengers can carry onboard
aircraft, travelers have been forced to make a decision between packing larger bottles in their checked luggage or not transporting them at all. However, placing unprotected liquid containers among clothing and other personal items typically creates a breakage/spillage risk.

Pregis` AirSpeed 9000 provides cost-effective way for consumers and retailers
(such as duty free shops, wine/liquor stores and clubs, gourmet food retailers, airlines, cruise ships, ecommerce, etc.) to transport and protect high-end beverages and other liquids.

Unlike alternative methods of protection, such as expanded polystyrene (EPS) and molded pulp components, AirSpeed 9000 is transparent, providing quick and easy identification of the contents without removing the packaging.
Additionally, AirSpeed 9000 requires significantly less space?positively
impacting shipping and inventory requirements. This also helps reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions - twenty thousand Air Speed 9000 packages can fit on one skid vs. a couple hundred sets of the traditional EPS or molded pulp types.

Further, deflated/flattened AirSpeed 9000 products create less solid waste vs.
molded EPS and foam-related materials. AirSpeed 9000 film is recyclable and
reusable. Outer packaging size can be reduced to save materials and reduce waste.

Stock sizes include single-, double- and triple-bottle packages with cap gussets. A wide variety of custom options are also available.

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