Polycarbonate reinvents modern construction

Polycarbonate reinvents modern… Glass was in the past years the compelling choice of most of the constructors and architects for translucent and diaphanous structures that they could think of. That was until a new plastic material - polycarbonate entered the classic "kingdom of construction" more than 40 years ago and slowly took over the new territories of construction.

Architects who want to achieve the effect of brightness in the interior of their buildings, and at the same time avoid heavy, and more expensive structures, make the choice of polycarbonate sheets thanks to their ability to combine lightness and impact resistance. High thermal insulation and natural the light transmission properties of polycarbonate sheets and systems have an impact on energy savings thanks to a more efficient use of light and heating inside of a building.

Cold bending capacity and various colouring possibilities of polycarbonate break the traditional linear glazing concept and opens the door to a fresh and dynamic style of innovative architectural structures.

New polycarbonate inventions appearing these past years, such as for example: IR protected products reducing greenhouse effect, anti-tag protections or even high acoustic insulating solutions, place polycarbonate at the top of the ranking of innovative construction materials.

The areas where polycarbonate wins ultimate the respect and attention from architects are: verandas, stadiums, skylights, translucent roofing and cladding for tertiary, sport, agricultural and industrial buildings. With all these undeniable advantages that polycarbonate products offer, construction and smart designing becomes so easy.

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