PolyOne supports building and construction growth in China

PolyOne supports building…
PolyOne Corporation, a premier global provider of specialized polymer materials, services and solutions, has announced that production capabilities for its renowned Stan-Tone specialty colorants portfolio have been extended to Shenzhen, China.

This new capability has been added in response to global demand for colorant dispersions used in thermoset polymers for building and construction in applications such as sealants, caulks, flooring, and indoor and outdoor decking.

Stan-Tone paste colorants have a long history of enabling customers to differentiate their products with specialty color capabilities that can provide greater competitive advantage. Supplied in a wide range of standard and customized colors, these formulations have been developed to meet key requirements for building and construction, such as indoor or outdoor UV resistance, color stability, chemical resistance, and heat stability. Further benefits include: ease of dispersion, operational economies, formulated without heavy metals - low toxicity, retention of material properties, vibrant color characteristics.

“Stan-Tone colorants manufactured in the U.S. have been supplied globally since 1946,” said Say Eng Lee, general manager, PolyOne Color and Additives Asia.

“Responding to the growing demand in China for high-performance colorants used in building materials, PolyOne has incorporated Stan-Tone production in its facility in Shenzhen. With this addition, the site is now able to produce a wide range of colorants in masterbatch, liquid and paste form.”

Current Stan-Tone solutions from Shenzhen are targeted for building and construction applications. Future applications will include wire and cable, electronics, toys, food packaging, and cosmetics. For medical applications, FDA-compliant grades will also be available.

“Local production of Stan-Tone in China helps us to be more responsive to our customers by offering faster color matches, shorter lead times, and better field technical support,” added Eric Zhuang, marketing director, PolyOne Color and Additives Asia. “The Stan-Tone brand is known for the hightest quality, performance and processability. Coupled with the expertise of the PolyOne team, these colorants enable customers to improve their products, increase operational efficiency and grow.”

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