PolyOne launches new black masterbatch colorants

PolyOne launches new black…

PolyOne today announced the availability of OnColor RC Environmental Black. Derived from end-of-life tires, this new color concentrate is a sustainable alternative to those based on virgin carbon black.

OnColor RC Environmental Black is made using Bolder Black, a reclaimed version of carbon black made from scrap rubber. It creates a smaller carbon footprint than virgin carbon black because it uses 90 percent less water and 61 percent less electricity while emitting 90 percent less carbon dioxide in its manufacturing process.

“We continue to look for ways to help our customers meet their sustainability goals by developing products that are environmentally responsible,” says Kevin Jones, general manager, PolyOne Color & Additives, North America. “Using our OnColor RC Environmental Black concentrate helps to prevent tires from entering the waste stream and extends the useful life of the raw materials found in those tires.”

When used in place of traditional carbon black, OnColor RC Environmental Black maintains expected performance levels in plastics. It passes REACH and RoHS requirements and is available for use in multiple resins across a variety of industries and applications, such as automotive, appliances, electronics, and office furniture.


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