Plastics coloring – Expertise from design to production stage

Tailored coloristic concepts

Finke’s excellent coloristics department is the core of the company. During the color selection process, Finke’s colorists work in close co-operation with plastics processors. Each year, they develop more than 8,000 new color shades in accordance with customer specification. “We place great emphasis on the comprehensive support of our customers. Our experienced technicians and colorists advise the users from the design stage to the end product,” says managing partner Felix Finke, explaining the success of his concept. For optimum results, Finke’s colorists work with the customer’s original material. Almost all common thermoplastic carrier polymers are on stock and can be processed at Finke’s technical center. Plastics manufacturers can choose from one of three service concepts for the color matching process, from first color idea to finished Finke colorant: color matching and sampling according to specification, custom color matching at Finke’s laboratory, or onsite colorist service. Besides the color samples, the two Finke Apps – RALFinder and PAN-Finder – are a decisive aid in color communication.

Matching and sampling according to specification: For FIBAPLAST masterbatches, FIBASOL liquid dyes or WUBALEN pigment mixtures, Finke provides product samples according to customer’s color specification within a week. The processor then receives a product sample for testing on his own machine.

Custom color matching: Plastics manufacturers can also work out individual colorings in direct co-operation with colorists at Finke’s laboratory. Injectionmolded labels, caps, bottles and blown or cast films can be manufactured for test purposes. This way a ready-to-use colorant can be developed within one day.

On-site colorist service: Finke also offers an on-site colorist service for challenging and large projects. Finke’ colorists and technicians adjust the shade at the customer’s facility on the customer’s processing machine in order to make the start of series production possible within the shortest time.

Precise analytics

Precise analytics complete the comprehensive service offered by Finke. The analytics equipment is continuously upgraded to the latest state of the art. Finke’s products do not require a lot of guessing. Accurate measurements and exact data make it possible to exactly predict which product in which quality is required for the specific use to ensure the best possible processability. Analytics is also a valuable tool for determining the causes of processing problems.

Innovation founded on tradition

The Finke name has stood for innovation, service and customer proximity for more than 65 years. The company was founded as a trading company by Karl Finke sen. in 1949. In 1952 his son Karl Finke, now senior partner, joined the company and started launching important product innovations, among them the WUBALEN pigment powders, still an important part of Finke’s range of products. Today Karl Finke GmbH & Co. KG is run by Felix K. Finke, representing the third generation of the family, and has grown to 180 employees. It is still seen in the industry as a pacesetter for innovative ideas and a pioneer for new applications and solutions for coloring plastics. State-of the-art equipment, a high-quality product range, its sound and comprehensive application-specific advisory service, quality and flexibility are the stable foundation of the company.

Finke Building

Source: Finke