Plasteel Eyewear made from Evonik's VESTAKEEP PEEK

Plasteel Eyewear made from… Together with Evonik, Mentor Optical Limited, an eyewear manufacturer based in Hong Kong, successfully developed its new brand model Plasteel using Evonik's high performance plastic VESTAKEEP PEEK.

Innovation at Evonik with VESTAKEEP PEEK supported the creation of the Plasteel Eyewear at Mentor Optical which is a lightweight & tough optical frame with a unique patented plastic rim lock design. The Eyewear weighs just 9 grams whereas traditional frames weigh as much as 23 grams, thereby offering the greatest wear comfortability. In addition, Plasteel frames' rim height can be designed to be as low as 1.6mm while the thickness at the temple can be as thin as 0.9 mm. The frames are ultra-strong and can sustain a 360 bending test without breakage providing performance & protection against broken eyewear especially in sport activities. With a patented plastic rim lock design, the frames allow prescription lenses to be mounted easily and eliminate damages associated with traditional 'push through' method.

Plasteel inherits its excellent mechanical properties and performance from VESTAKEEP Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) produced by Evonik Industries. VESTAKEEP PEEK is a high-performance thermoplastic polymer ideal for producing reliable & long-lasting components for use in the toughest conditions. It is characterized by its superior resistance to stress cracking making it suitable for injection molding very thin components. VESTAKEEP PEEK has a high energy absorption and its ductile behavior can prevent any premature deformation and cracks in the frames. Furthermore, VESTAKEEP PEEK has excellent biocompatibility and biostability due to the polymers' high chemical resistance and thermal stability.

The success of Plasteel frames is the product of a collaboration between three companies: Evonik, Mentor Optical Limited and Ngai Hing Engineering Plastic (NHEP). Evonik provided the critical material & product know-how while NHEP being the strategic distribution partner supported by offering quick local support to Mentor Optical.


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