Performa 2S gains market share

Stora Enso's Performa 2S board is gaining market share in the category of two-side coated folding boxboard, which is used for high-quality graphical and packaging products. Since its market launch over a year ago, the board has quickly increased its domination in its product category.

- Performa 2S is currently the only viable option for customers seeking this type of board. It has such a superb bulk and stiffness that it is unlikely that any other product could advance and seriously challenge our leading position in this category - says Pasi Ahokas, Vice President, Stora Enso Graphical Boards.

Performa 2S belongs to Stora Enso's Performa CTMP product family and is available in grammages from 215 to 400 gsm.

- Performa CTMP boards combine the stiffness, runnability and high yield of folding boxboard with the mechanical properties and chemical purity of solid bleached sulphate board - Ahokas says. - Performa 2S is typically used by our customers for magazine covers, brochures, folders, greeting cards and displays, as well as cosmetics and luxury packaging.

CTMP (chemi-thermomechanical pulp) is used in the middle layer of the board, a construction that provides superior performance in printing, converting and demanding end uses. Besides its bulk and stiffness, Performa 2S offers excellent print results and folding strength. Performa 2S was awarded a Bronze Leaf prize for excellence in foil stamping and embossing by the American Foil Stamping and Embossing Association in 2008.

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