Packaging solution for bio-cosmetics

Packaging solution for bio-cosmetics
Barex resins from Ineos Barex distributed in Europe by Velox, offer the ideal packaging solution for bio-cosmetics free of preservatives and airless containers.

Barex resins belong to a family of acrylonitrile-methyl acrylate copolymers (AMAB) and due to their outstanding chemical resistance and inertness they offer high barrier properties to gases such as oxygen, aromas, fragrances and volatile components and enable no or negligible interaction between packaging and content.

Barex resins protect natural ingredients against oxidation. Sensitive formulae based for example on vegetable oils or grape extracts (polyphenols) are prevented from going rancid. Using Barex resins in cosmetics packaging significantly increase stability and shelf life of products.

Barex resins could also be an ideal solution for the airless bag dispensers. Unlike EVOH the barrier properties of Barex remains unchanged regardless of the ambient humidity in the package.

Barex resins comply with EEC Directives for direct food contact and meet requirements for a USP Class VI Medical Plastic and EU pharmacopoeias. They are suitable for all types of packaging applications whether for cosmetics or for personal care products.


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