PRE launched RecyClass

PRE launched RecyClass PRE officially launched the RecyClass tool on May 8th during the Recycling Conference: 'Let's work together on plastics packaging design', which took place at the 2014 InterPack Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. The ultimate aim of the tool is to improve the design of plastics packaging in respect to its recyclability.

During a video message from the European Commissioner for the Environment, Mr. Janez Potočnik stated that "Recycling starts in the product design phase. The key to more sustainable plastics is better design of plastics and plastics products."

"RecyClass is based on the existing recycling guidelines, the functioning of today’s recycling markets and the experience of the plastics recyclers" said Paolo Glerean (PRE Board Member). Mr. Glerean added "The users of the tool can instinctively understand how to improve the recyclability of their packaging."

Dr. Michael Scriba (PRE Board Member) underlined the fact that "This tool is an opportunity for the industry to work together, learn mutually and improve the position of plastic packaging on the EU markets."

The RecyClass tool enables assessment of any kind of plastic packaging. In a few steps you can discover how environmentally friendly your packaging is. The tool also provides improvement tips for your packaging design. It is now available online in English and German languages for a free trial period of six months.

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