Next Generation Group at K 2016

Next Generation Group at K… The Austrian-German Next Generation Group, comprised of Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH, BritAS Recycling-Anlagen GmbH and Dr. Collin GmbH, showcases new processing methods, innovative technology and profit-generating services along the plastics value chain in exhibit hall 9 at the K 2016 trade fair.

"Zero Scrap Production" in live demo

At the booth in the exhibit hall, a new pilot plant solution from Collin will manufacture PP film. The film edge trims and film rolls will be further processed into rPellets by an NGR recycling machine. The processed plastics will then be returned back into film production. An inline melt characterization unit developed by Collin will also provide advanced quality control of the new plastics raw material during the recycling process. In this setup, the processing parameters will be further monitored, recorded and analyzed in real-time on the recycling machine, and displayed for attendees on mobile devices in easy-to-understand charts. This new form of human-machine communication is designed as S.M.A.R.T. DIALOG: it provides for considerably improved equipment utilization, rationalization in terms of service and maintenance, and provides all the data to evaluate the recycling investment.

"Demonstrating the technological expertise of the Next Generation Group and the resulting opportunities for all of our customers is the focus of the K 2016 trade fair," explains Josef Hochreiter, CEO of Next Generation Group. "The activities and competencies of the individual companies produce a unique combination that is highly sought after by research institutes, universities, plastic processors and recycling companies," says Hochreiter.

Identifying customer requirements. Responding with innovations

In live operation, Collin laboratory and pilot systems will show how plastics and processing methods, in both the raw materials industry as well as in plastics converting, can provide the basis for even higher-performance product design. Modularity, precision, flexibility and the highest repeatability are all included. This year, Collin will provide a live demo at the NGR booth of an interesting technology for post-industrial and post-consumer recycling.

Continual development of filtration technology

The melt filtration system plays a critical role in the production of high-quality post-consumer pellets. BritAS will present the latest version of its successful band-melt-filter, which is easier than ever to operate, supports more flexible applications and allows for minimal operating costs.

Widening the lead in plastics recycling technology

S.M.A.R.T. DIALOG from NGR virtually enables the machinery to speak and alongside key operating data it provides the process analyses to ensure recycling success at minimal cost. As part of a live demo, the system will be demoed for the professional audience on mobile devices. Many evolutionary steps are increasing the output of NGR systems while also providing lower energy consumption. The P:REACT series will be presented for the first time; it follows the revolutionary LSP process (world premiere). With this technology, rPellets with better properties than virgin material can be produced and decontaminated reliably and within minutes. Additional offerings in the area of post-consumer recycling further round out the NGR range of products and services.

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