New melt blender generation

New melt blender generation With the introduction of the new melt blender generation SMB plus at K 2013 in Düsseldorf Promix Solutions AG sets a new standard for melt homogenization in extrusion. The melt blender equalizes temperature and velocity of the melt over the whole cross-section and perfectly distributes additives. This leads to consistent high product quality, narrow tolerances and might even allow a higher throughput. The new patented melt blender generation persuades through excellent mixing performance, lowest possible pressure drop and a very robust seamless construction. Furthermore, the SMB plus features excellent self-cleaning properties thanks to a flow-optimized design.

The innovation is based on the Sulzer SMXTM plus mixing structure and has been developed further during the last 2 years to comply with the requirements in extrusion. Key targets for the implementation were improved product characteristics as well as optimized manufacturing methods. The result is a new flow optimized mixer generation. It features highest strength, lowest pressure drop and excellent mixing performance. Prior to its market introduction, the new melt blender has been tested extensively. The SMB plus is available in various sizes and can be delivered as a complete solution including housing and suitable adapters for fast and easy installation into existing extrusion lines.

Melt blender

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