New management and extrusion solutions of battenfeld-cincinnati China

Thanks to the use of European technology and components, LeanEX lines offer high quality and outputs combined with excellent performance, lower energy consumption and longer lifetimes.

LeanEX turnkey lines are the ideal solution for companies that need a low cost line for small, standard pipe applications. They are offered in a basic package with limited options, a smaller control panel and powerful control system, as well as locally sourced screws, barrels, motor and drive. The pipe heads are from the standard battenfeld-cincinnati helix series.

Continued success of efficient pipe, profile and sheet extrusion equipment

battenfeld-cincinnati China recently introduced solEX single screw and twinEX twin screw extruders to the local market. These machines are equipped with energy-efficient AC motors and, in combination with gravimetric dosing systems, can save up to 3% material in PE pipe extrusion, while consuming about 200 kWh less than the average local extruder when producing 1 ton of PE pipe.

At Chinaplas, the latest models, a solEX 60-40-C and a twinEX 93-28-C will be shown on the booth as part of the extensive portfolio that covers complete pipe extrusion and co-extrusion lines for PB, PVC and PE, but also PE-Xa and possible pipe diameters up to 2,600 mm. Of course, complete lines for profile and sheet extrusion are also available.


Superior performance and product quality for thermoforming sheet

Another topic that is become more interesting for customers in Asia is thermoforming sheet extrusion. Last year, battenfeld-cincinnati sold the fourth innovative sheet line with high-speed extruder and Multi-Touch roll stack in Asia to Chinese company Guangdong Huasheng Plastics Co. Ltd., Shantou. Due to the superior performance of up to 1,400 kg/h and high product quality, this one line replaces four to six of the previously used Chinese lines, thereby saving space and operating cost. The battenfeld-cincinnati line is also flexible and can produce sheet ranging from 350 to 2,500 μm in thickness.