New machine launched by Jomar

Jomar has introduced a 135-ton, energy efficient, hybrid Injection Blow Molding (IBM) machine that saves up to 35% on power.

Performance is identical to the company’s popular hydraulic versions. By separating intermittent extruder drive demands from continuous demand clamping and auxiliary systems, Jomar successfully reduced the size of the main pump motor.

The hybrids feature a 30 hp hydraulic system with an electrically driven extruder unit that replaces a 100 hp drive, and which is now dedicated exclusively to clamping. Future plans include hybrids for other Jomar models.

- These new hybrids enable customers to be more green in their processing and to save money during a global economic downturn - notes William A. Petrino, Jomar’s President. - All of this is achieved without sacrificing any of Jomar’s sought after Injection Blow Molding process quality and repeatability.

A unique, vertically oriented, pressure-balanced, electric extruder drive minimizes the M-135’s footprint and eliminates need for large thrust bearing housings and coupling components. It is a high torque AC permanent magnet motor, air cooled by blower fan, and with a custom gearbox. Integral thrust bearings at the output shaft further reduce height. A custom extruder screw utilizes proven Jomar geometries. The extruder motor is controlled via digital drive. A built - in tachometer maintains constant RPM.

A hydraulic piston at the extruder’s discharge port senses and controls resin fill pressure and provides holding pressure during curing. It eliminates the need to generate holding force electrically, reducing power even more.

Trace Electrical Testing Services of Hammonton, New Jersey, performed comparison testing and documentation services between Jomar’s hybrid and a standard hydraulic M - 135. A test mold was installed into both machines to measure kilowatts. Results showed a 35% reduction in total kilowatts for the hybrid.

Jomar is a global manufacturer of Injection Blow Molding machinery for pharmaceutical, health care, personal care, beauty, food, beverage, and household products markets. Jomar engineering services help customers design both products and molds, including turnkey systems.