New interface solutions from Priamus

New interface solutions from Priamus
Priamus sensors and systems automatically detect in real-time when the plastic melt reaches a sensor during injection. This way valve gates can be controlled depending on the process and viscosity variations can be compensated while time, stroke, and pressure dependent methods do not offer this option. They are virtually flying blind.

This method which directly controls the melt flow is appropriate for a number of applications such as the automatic sequential control, automatic venting, and melt flow controlled injection compression processes.

The generated switching signals are usually directly connected with the machine interface in order to open or close the valve gates.

In many cases these interfaces are mounted outside of the machine for which Priamus has developed a number of solutions. Especially with multi cavity molds it is often necessary to provide a number of switching signals in a systematic and orderly manner.

For this purpose several control cabinet solutions have been created which first of all vary in dimension and the number of switching signals. These external interfaces are available in different sizes for systems ranging from 16 switching signals up to 96 switching signals.


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