New granulator for thermoformers

New granulator for thermoformers
Strips of foils or sheets are punched out in the thermoforming process mainly in production of packaging products such as cups.

The thermoplastic punched skeleton waste arising here is taken in by the new M 1200/300 granulator and processed into re-usable regrind material.

300 series RST Thermoform granulators are fitted at the rear with special feeding equipment for material in thickness up to 5 mm. Feeding punched skeletons or complete sheet into the granulator grinding chamber is controlled by frequency or dancer arm systems in order to adjust and synchronise intake rate to the feed rate of the production machine, so that compensation made for fluctuations. At the front of the granulator there is a chute for manual feeding or an intake chute with conveyor belt connection.

The machines are equipped with a stiff torsion-resistant rotor, in open or closed design, which is produced from one solid piece of metal. This ensures quiet running at high rotation speed without any imbalance. Depending on the purpose, the rotors are fitted with 3 or 5 rows of blades.

Versions with working widths of 650 mm or 1,200 mm are offered, along with a rotor diameter of 300 mm and power rating between 7.5 kW and 30 kW. Throughput depends on the screen mesh size used and amounts between 400 and 1,200 kg/h.