New control system solutions for injection modling

Easy Sensor Mounting with Priafit

The use of cavity pressure and cavity temperature sensors directly at the molded part is a permanently growing market since many years. This is not surprising considering that a bad part cannot be detected only by machine parameters due to various reasons.

The sensors are therefore commodity items which are applied in high quantities.And the ease of use during installation becomes even more important.
In the past decades two simple rules have been applied: a cavity pressure sensor was usually mounted with the help of a mounting nut in order to ensure an installation situation as stiff as possible. This is necessary to avoid measuring errors. A cavity temperature sensor however was clamped with the help of a distance sleeve as a standard because this has no influence on the temperature measurement. Both methods are not always ideal because the thread for the mounting nut must often be tapped deep in the bore hole and the distance sleeve must be cut to the exact length.

The new Priafit mounting sleeve consists of a combination of mounting nut and distance sleeve and combines the advantages of both methods. The thread for the mounting of the sensor can easily be tapped near the borehole top and the length of the sleeve must not be cut exact but only approximate. A simple but very efficient and cost-saving method.

BlueLine Voltage Module for Injection Molding Machines

The Priamus Fillcontrol systems monitor and control the injection molding process on the basis of real process parameters such as cavity pressure and cavity temperature measured directly on the molded part inside the injection mold. For process analysis, process documentation and also for the monitoring of the machine itself very often it does make sense to measure the set and actual values of single machine parameters such as injection speed, screw position or hydraulic pressure in addition.

For this purpose Priamus developed a new voltage module which measures the analog machine signals where they are actually available - which is in the control cabinet of the molding machine. At this place the analog signals are converted into digital signals and finally connected with the BlueLine devices by one single Hybrid-Bus cable. Since this is a bus system the different BlueLine modules such as pressure and temperature amplifiers or machine interfaces for process control can be complemented and designed in any order. The device is galvanically isolated and also designed to provide the required supply voltage for independent sensors such as pressure transmitters.

On request or in case of confined space conditions the device can also be mounted outside of the control cabinet in a sealed housing.

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