New Haitian Jupiter II Series

The Jupiter II series portfolio will be significantly expanded starting in 2014. The processors' desire for greater efficiency and more application possibilities will be met with the new clamping forces of 5,500, 7,500, 9,500 kN and with the wide platen versions for clamping forces of 9,500, 12,000, and 16,000 kN. The relaunch of the Jupiter series was preceded by extensive analyses and numerous conversations with our customers so that it could be targeted specifically to the needs of the market. "It was well worth the effort" says Professor Franz. "The Jupiter II should also be highly interesting outside of the automotive industry".

The most important innovations and optimizations at a glance

  • The construction is even more compact for units up to 66,000 kN.
  • Energy efficient, servo-hydraulic Mars drive technology now available in the standard model
  • Faster tool replacement. The locking system for the flexible mold height adjustment was fundamentally revised; the parallel locking system between the tie-bars and the platen permits a rapid, precise response, which saves a lot of time when tool replacements are frequent.
  • The rigidity of the platen is high even when the molds are heavy. The vertical movements of the platen were reduced; this is particularly effective with core pulling when the molded parts are long.
  • Wide platen versions for clamping forces of 9,500, 12,000, and 16,000 kN are going to be available starting in 2014.
  • Stabilized injection unit: Special linear slides guarantee highly precise movements of the screw without friction. The stable injection unit guide - it is separated from the screw - provides for an independent injection movement.
  • Up to six injection unit sizes for each clamping unit.
  • The new servo drives from Haitian Drive Systems increase performance (75 kW and 110 kW). Housed in the machine bed the hydraulics system is easy to maintain.
  • The latest control technology Type KEPA 2580 (along the lines of the Mars II Series)
Haitian is giving a live demonstration of a JUII 5500/2950 at the K-Trade Fair. Equipped with a space-saving high performance robot from Sepro, a motor cover weighing 700g with two cavities is produced in 43 seconds.



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