New Generation of Thermoform Machines Sets Standard for Hygiene

New Generation of Thermoform Machines Sets Standard for Hygiene
Multivac introduces a new generation of thermoform machines, with an extensive package of innovations. For example, a completely new basic design which simplifies and accelerates the cleaning process - not only for the visible component groups, but also for the internal machinery. Numerous constructive developments and new functions enable a further increase of machine performance, ergonomics and economy. The first model of the new line, the high performance R 535 is widely presented at interpack 2008 in Düsseldorf.

Where cleanliness and hygiene are concerned, the new generation simplifies the lives of food processors. The revised basic design streamlines and accelerates the cleaning process considerably. Angled surfaces allow liquids to drain, there are no dead spaces or inaccessible niches. This principle is evident throughout the complete design of the machine - and continues within its interior workspace: with cables and hoses as well as with motors and pumps. Even in critical areas, like the chain and the chain guide, contaminants can be easily removed without disassembling the chain.

New Generation of Thermoform Machines Sets Standard for Hygiene

This concept is supported by a new "Clean in Place" technology, a completely new concept for thermoform packaging machines offered for the first time exclusively by Multivac. The CIP system automates the chemical cleaning of chain, chain guide and internal machinery by an extensive system of jets and pipes. After a pre-cleaning, a cleaning program can be started at the push of a button, which is controlled from the central machine control. Cleaning the outside is done manually, but is also integrated into the CIP procedure and is process controlled.

This precisely reproducible hygiene offers the highest standard of protection for the consumer, with clearly reduced work and expense.

While hygiene is certainly one aspect, the new machine generation also sets new standards with regard to performance and economy. "In respect to the tool sizes and number of packages per minute, these machines currently represent the optimum in the market - says Tim Slomp, leader of the Multivac Thermoform business unit.

With cut-off lengths of 1,300 mm and 250 vacuum or MAP packages per minute the new "drawer" concept allows the quick and easy changing of formats without disassembling the hot upper part of the tool. The frame profiles are easily clapped open, allowing quick, easy access to the complete internal space, for example for maintenance and service work on the inner machine. There are further developments to the construction, for example to the chaining and to the modular lifting unit. The effect is an additional increase to the performance under maximum conditions and an extension of Multivac`s already long machine service life.

All machines are equipped with the new IPC-control and its additional modes of operation as a standard. For example an efficient module for the production data aquisition (PDA) which also makes the display of the aquired operating conditions and reasons for stops possible. Via Ethernet and the optional OPC-interface the aquired data can be exchanged between the components of a packaging machine and a central data base.

New Generation of Thermoform Machines Sets Standard for Hygiene

With it Multivac offers the condition for a permanently stable machine output and a simply to operate, stable process control. The Multivac equipment can be integrated in PC- or server-based systems, for an efficient and stable storage, analysis and visualisation of the operating data, machine productivity, and error reasons possible. For single machines Multivac provides a compact solution for directed processing and further transmission of the data - for it 20 pre-defined evaluations are available.

For a wide-spread operation and customer individual connection of several packaging lines, Multivac co-operates with leading experts. Both solutions offer the customer a noticeable, additional gain: higher productivity, most possible availability - and as a result considerable savings potential.

- We offer our customers new possibilities with the development of our product portfolio - said Hans-Joachim Boekstegers, managing director of the Multivac group. - With the new generation of thermoforming machines we will make the grade regarding e.g. hygiene and machine efficiency. Multivac once again provides the basis for the multifunctional and economic use of Multivac machines in the most different industry sectors and application areas.