Mould maintenance directly on the machine

Mould maintenance directly…
The Engel flomo, an extremely compact temperature controlling water distribution system with electronic monitoring, is now available as a stand-alone unit too and therefore has a wider range of uses than before.

As the world's first system of its kind, the Engel flomo can be used directly on injection moulding machines as a mobile mould maintenance device, making it a new cost killer in the injection moulding industry.

As a stand-alone unit, the Engel flomo can be used as a portable mould maintenance device too.

The portable system is equipped with its own control unit and can be used in many different positions. This means that moulds no longer have to be dismounted for routine checks, which will reduce the amount of time and money spent on maintenance significantly. Such a system has not been available on the market until now.

The Engel flomo is one of the market's smallest manually adjustable water distribution devices with temperature control and electronic monitoring, and since its launch at the 2010 K trade fair, Engel has successfully installed well over 500 of these units. In addition, Engel has continued to develop the system, with each update being worked on in cooperation with the company's customers.

On the latest model, which Engel will be presenting at this year's Fakuma, the supply and return manifold circuits are thermally separated from each other, which allows for even greater reproducibility of the measured values and sets the Engel system even further apart from its rivals. The electronic box has also been built directly into the distribution device. It is configured before delivery, which accelerates the set-up process.


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