Mondi honoured for its corrugated packaging solution

Mondi honoured for its corrugated… At the 8th Polish packaging competition PakStar 2016, Mondi won awards for three of its corrugated packaging solutions. The range of functionalities and clever designs of Mondi's entries reflect Mondi's extensive design and production ability as well as the endless possibilities to apply corrugated solutions with the right know-how and visionary thinking. The winning solutions deliver benefits for end-user handling, sales promotion and sustainability.

Mondi received an award for a recyclable waste separation system - for single or multiple use - that enables companies and organisers of large events to quickly install waste units on the premises for collection and separation of waste material. The waste bins can be disposed of along with the collected waste with neither the added cost of cleaning or return transport, nor maintenance or rental costs.

Easy set-up, easy disposal and an ideal surface for promotional print make the product a great solution for short term and theme or brand related uses. The ecological look and feel of the containers support environmental awareness at the waste collection point.


The Mondi Grill Box was awarded as an interesting technical solution that uses the principles of physics when kindling fire. The ingenuity of the design makes it easier, cleaner and safer to light charcoal for the barbeque. The outer corrugated packaging creates a chimney effect for highly efficient igniting of the charcoal and kindling wood with simply a match. Special aeration channels at the bottom of the packaging enhance this effect. Within 20 minutes of lighting, the box is designed to fall apart and release the charcoal at optimal temperature.

The Grill Box's rectangular shape and handle for easy carrying make it ideal for transport and less prone to damage compared to conventional bags of charcoal briquettes. Water-based inks are used for the box's printing to allow for complete burning without the release of toxic substances.


The PakStar jury gave Mondi's eye-catching retail beverage pack "Take it" special recognition for its design and functionality. As part of the Mondi "Pick and Go" retail line, the design achieves maximum functionality and handling convenience with a minimum of material use. Compared to fully packed cans, the open display concept allows for a 60% reduction in material.

The "Take it" design has a unique and innovative latching system which avoids that single cans can be removed from the promotion multi-pack at the point of sale. The pack can be closed without tape or glue. What's more, "Take it" emphasises the marketing promotion of the packed cans by creating a visual link between the corrugated packaging and the visible product.


Sebastian Markiewicz, Sales Director, Mondi Corrugated Poland, states, "We very much value our triple success at the PakStar awards as an endorsement of Mondi Corrugated Packaging Poland. It shows we are an innovative player on the market and that it is well worth investing with our product developers in out-of-the-box ideas."

The official PakStar awards ceremony will take place in September 2016 during the International Trade Fair of Packaging Technology and Labelling Taropak in Poznań.

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