Mold-Masters to release most new products in history at K show

Mold-Masters to release most…
Maximizing injection molding performance, minimizing business risk and reducing costs matter equally to Mold-Makers, Molders and End Users. K-Show 2010 presents the next opportunity for Mold-Masters to share with the world new products and services developed to continue facilitating achieving these critical business objectives.

K logoVisitors to K-Show and Mold-Masters booth, #A39, located in hall 1, will get to experience firsthand how newest products of the industry’s leading Hot Runner technology company have redefined the concept of system optimization as it pertains to achieving our client’s business goals.

There is something new for Mold-Makers, Molders and End Users participating in medical, closures, consumer goods, personal care, automotive, teletronic, PET, or electronics markets at Mold-Masters K 2010 booth.

Highlights of new products to be introduced include:

1) M Series – Mold-Masters new global line of advanced temperature controller solutions. In 2009, Mold-Masters acquired UK based controller manufacturer PMS with a goal to create a new global controller group and platform with the most advanced and value delivering hot runner controller family of products available on the market. M Series is the result offering users “Future Now Technology” that enables system functionality to expand with your changing requirements, Out-of Box convenience optimized for all major hot runner systems, and Plug & Play System Architecture that does not require any external service all. More compact, more intuitive and user friendly, more rugged and more value than any other product in the market today. No company supplies more Hot Runners Systems than Mold-Masters and no company knows more about the important role controller technology plays in the process.

2) Also on display will be the new E-Multi all electric, servo-motor driven, mold-mounted, fully mobile auxiliary injection units for multi-material or multi colored applications. E-Multi is the perfect solution for Molders who are looking to economically optimize their existing injection molding machine assets with an auxiliary injection unit solution that is highly mobile, compact and foot print neutral. Maximize injection molding performance, reduce costs and attack new markets in multi material application by leveraging the simplicity and precision of E-Multi.

3) Sprint VG – Engineered for speed, reliability and quality this all electric valve gate addition to the Sprint line of Caps & Closure solutions builds upon Sprint’s global reputation for providing the fastest color changes possible, the lowest energy consumption available and the highest part quality attainable all within a design created to minimize maintenance, maximize sustainable yield while reducing the total cost of associated ownership. Mold-Masters Sprint VG solution facilitates much faster cycle times than ever before witnessed with closure valve gate applications. The E-Drive system ensures exact pin position, on the fly adjustment of the pin position and equal movement of all valve pins via the servo driven synchro plate system to ensure the perfect balance is achieved between speed and quality. In short, Sprint VG is the new standard in cylindrical valve gating for fast cycling closure systems where speed, quality and uptime are key success factors.

4) Fusion G2 – For over 35 years the automotive industry has relied on Mold-Masters to provide next generation solutions that advance productivity, increase yield, reduce maintenance and push the industry standard. Fusion G2, with its drop in, connect and go technology is exactly what today’s automotive Mold-Makers, Molders and End Users have been demanding in a Hot Runner. A simple, reliable and easy to integrate plug and play solution is what Fusion G2 delivers. If you need all the above but also demand high value and speed to market in your next automotive hot runner solution then think Fusion G2.

PET molders, converters and end users will also not want to miss visiting with Mold-Masters at K-Show 2010. Since entering the industry a little over 2 years ago, Mold-Masters has experienced tremendous activity in its iPET Business Group. Using patented iCool conformal cooling technology and iFlow hot runner technology, iPET molds are defining a new standard for performance in the preform molding industry. For the K-Show 2010 PET visitors will see a series of firsts for the industry and we hope will end their visit with us convinced that when it comes to PET solutions Mold-Masters is the new global technology leader!

“At K 2010 Mold-Masters will launch these as well as several yet to be announced new market offerings. It is undoubtedly the most significant array of new solutions for our clients in our long history as we extend our offerings from hot runners into complementary products,” said Patrick Bennett, Executive Vice President Mold-Masters. “K-Show promises to be an exciting opportunity for the industry and we are looking forward to welcoming old friends and new customers to this technology showcase”.

Since the last K-Show the world has witnessed much upheaval and for many firms the landscape is now very different. The team at Mold-Masters throughout this period of great challenge never lost sight of what is most important, helping our clients achieve their most important business objectives. We, like our clients, faced the challenges and have emerged very strong and keen to continue helping our clients realize their goals. It is our passion and what makes us unique.