Meat is served to Eastern Europe - on a tray

The growing market for self-service fresh meat in Eastern Europe has been reflected in increased demand for MAP meat tray solutions from RPC.

As in Western Europe, the driving force behind the move towards self-service and selection is the growing dominance of retail chains, who prefer pre-packaged meats to cater to busy consumers who value the speed and convenience of such solutions. At the same time, an increase in centralised production and packaging facilities in the region requires a durable format offering extended shelf life.

For many years, the Germany-based RPC Bebo Plastik has enjoyed significant demand for its range of MAP meat trays. RPC`s ability to deliver localised service to Eastern Europe was enhanced in 2006 with the acquisition of 4 You Sigal, whose product portfolio included an extensive range of MAP packaging solutions. Now integrated into RPC Bebo Polska, the factory is well placed to service the expanding fresh meat market in the region.

MAP is considered the optimum vehicle for packaging meat products because of its high level of barrier protection, ease of handling and excellent on-shelf presentation.

RPC`s MAP solutions are produced in a special blend of polypropylene, which offers excellent transparency and shock resistance at low temperatures. A wide range of tray dimensions is available to suit most specific applications.

Thanks to specific supply partnerships, RPC Bebo can also offer customers a complete service for MAP meat packaging, comprising supply of the trays, lidding film and pad for the base of the tray, and can also provide additional services such as gas flushing and sealing machines.

One company who has benefitted from RPC`s expertise in MAP meat trays is Czech Repuplic meat products manufacturer HeliFood Fresh a.s. - Co-operation with RPC is of high quality and we are very satisfied to have RPC as a partner for the supply of MAP trays - confirms a spokesperson from HeliFood Fresh a.s.

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