Mauser has acquired a majority stake in container solutions South Africa

Mauser has acquired a majority stake in container solutions South Africa
Effective June 29, 2012 the reconditioning subsidiary of Mauser, NCG has acquired 51 percent of the shares in Container Solutions South Africa, the leading reconditioning company in South Africa.

With this acquisition Mauser is entering the South African market and further implementing its strategy to support customers worldwide with sustainable services.

Container Solutions South Africa (CSSA) is the largest IBC reconditioner in South Africa with operations in Johannesburg and Durban. The company is a founding member of the South African Industrial Container Reconditioners Association and is recognised as a leader in the industry in terms of services, integrity, professionalism, compliance and environmental awareness.

"We are thrilled to enter the South African market and to further broaden our world-wide presence. Container Solutions South Africa is a first-class reconditioner with high quality services and compliance standards. We are very proud that CSSA entered our global network," says Hans-Peter Schaefer, CEO Mauser Group. Steaphan Mac Donald, Managing Director and shareholder of CSSA mentions: "With a strong global partner such as Mauser NCG, CSSA is entering into a new and exciting phase. Embracing NCG global best practice in the reconditioning of industrial packaging significantly enhances our ability to exceed our growing customer requirements and expectations."

Together with Mauser NCG, CSSA is investing in new automated washing lines for the operations in Durban and Johannesburg. This investment includes the relocating of both CSSA service sites to new, larger premises in the second half of 2012. These advancements firmly reinforce CSSA’s commitment to the South African economy and more specifically the needs of the customers. This new joint venture further increases CSSA’s ability to tailor solutions to their customer’s needs, delivering value through supplying fit-for-purpose products and extending the life cycle of industrial packaging.