MB Spritzgusstechnik chooses again Negri Bossi Injection Moulding Technology

MB Spritzgusstechnik chooses…

Michael Bechtel, the founder of MB Spritzgusstechnik in Marktoberdorf (Bayern, Germany), for his factory that treats "Recycled Plastic as raw material to be re-used for a longer lifetime", chooses another giant like a BiPower.

Mr. Michael Bechtel has the most advanced Plastic Injection Technology installed in his factory to get Recycled Plastic converted into Industrial pallets. The 2nd Negri Bossi BiPower VH2700-56000 arrived: a two-platen machine with 27000 KN clamping force and injection capacity of 28 kg of HDPE, equipped with servo electric screw rotation, special screw profile projected for complex recycle materials. The machine is supported by complete Sytrama automation with Kuka 6-axis robot.

The injection unit is designed so that a uniform melting and homogenizing of the recycled material is possible. It was for this purpose equipped with a special barrier screw and feeder aids for recycling material.

The Control interface of BiPower is user-friendly thanks to an intelligent, self-explanatory menu. Employees do not need expensive extra training and long learning phases, especially with the support of AMICO 4.0 system, including the Negri Bossi tele-service assistance, which allows a fast reaction and immediate problem solving.

MB Spritzgusstechnik, a 15-year-old injection moulding reality, has 160 employees and 30 machines installed where the newest BiPower plays as a strategic move toward a sustainable growth and technologic advancement.

MB Spritzgusstechnik has continuously renewed his machinery profile in the last few years with a few new Negri Bossi Vector and BiPower. The company has a great technical competency, and their trust in Negri Bossi technologies is a meaningful proof of the quality and technology of the supplier.

Negri Bossi in very proud to continue this great collaboration with this important and unique factory like MB Spritzgusstechnik.

Negri Bossi

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