Luxury suitcases with scratch-resistant material

Luxury suitcases with scratch-resistant…
Bayer MaterialScience teamed up with the US-based travel goods manufacturer Andiamo Luggage to develop a special plastic for suitcases that is particularly lightweight. And so robust that it provides excellent protection for the contents.

The new Bayer plastic is now making its debut in the new Pantera Collection from Andiamo Luggage. The hard, yet lightweight shell of the luxurious travel bag is made of a Makrolon brand polycarbonate. It can be shaped virtually at will and colored in a number of shades – just the thing for the fashionable design of the suitcases. This also makes it possible to fulfill individual requirements. The suitcase's surfaces have a quality appearance and are soft and pleasant to the touch.

The plastic's scratch resistance, however, is the greatest difference between it and other materials. The suitcases still look good even after many trips. The material even exceeds previous polycarbonate grades when it comes to this property. Given the outstanding durability, Andiamo Luggage offers a ten-year warranty on the suitcases. They are expected to be launched in August, and will make it noticeably easier to travel lightly.

Bayer Material Science