Largest European factory of polyethylene foam in Poland

Largest European factory of polyethylene foam in Poland
Novostrat starts production of polyethylene foam in its EU largest factory situated in Olszyna.

The factory will produce foam for building insulation and soundproofing and for the packaging and floorboard industry. The factory’s entire output will be exported to Western Europe, to among other countries, France and Germany. Novostrat runs factories in France, Ireland and in Poland, in Pabianice where the company produces packages for the computer producing Dell.

Henryk Arciszewski, vice president at Novostrat assures that the decision to choose Olszyna for the project was carefully thought out. The place's favourable localisation in the vicinity of borders with Germany and the Czech Republic undoubtedly played a vital role in the selection process. - This factory will not only be Novostrat's largest factory but it will be the largest polyethylene foam producing facility in the whole of Europe. In fact, it is the scale of the production that we plan to start in Olszyna, that makes the project so profitable – explains Henryk Arciszewski. Lionel Junique, founder and president of the company, confirms the motivation and plans. - We found the facility in Olszyna and we realised that the localisation is very good. That is why we decided to invest here, buy the buildings and incur a lot of money to renovate and adapt them - says Junique.

The buildings were acquired from the Olszna Furniture Factory which went bankrupt 2 years ago. Nearly 360 people were then laid off. Now thanks to the Novostrat investment all the people may find job in the refurbished facility. - The company has already employed 40 people. That is only the beginning – says Leszek Leśko, Olszyna’s mayor.

After the production have started the factory will be able to employ 300 people. The Novostrat project in Poland was supported by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency.

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