KraussMaffei presents new machine series

KraussMaffei presents new…
World premiere at KraussMaffei: During a customer event KraussMaffei showed fascinated trade visitors a new dimension of injection molding with the progressive GX series.

Presented for the first time, the GX series extends the product portfolio in the segment of hydro-mechanical dual platen machines in the medium clamping force range. The passionate engineering of the developers is manifested in a first-class machine concept featuring intelligent product innovations such as the GearX locking device and the GuideX guide shoe. The GX series sets new standards in terms of performance, usability and value retention.

During today's world premiere in Munich, KraussMaffei provided a convincing demonstration of six machines in its new GX series with a clamping force ranging from 400 to 650 tonnes. These machines have different sizes and equipment variants for production requirements in a very large number of industries.

The GX machines are impressive during the production of free falling packaging parts and premium quality articles for the automotive industry or the consumer goods sector. "Our customers were primarily interested in the modular automation cells containing linear and industrial robots in different configurations", summarized Dr. Karlheinz Bourdon, Vice President Technologies in the Injection Molding Machinery Segment of KraussMaffei, "and I can only emphasize that the GX is the best machine concept on the market!"
A powerful team: GearX and GuideX

The hydro-mechanical clamping unit in the GX series sets new standards in terms of quality and productivity. The excellent dual platen technology scores highly with a wide range of innovations. "In my opinion, the GX machines represent the best overall concept", underlined Bourdon. "We talk about a new dimension because our customers can use the machine to get the best results from their production." With the ingenious GuideX guide shoe, forces are ideally absorbed and the service life of the molds is increased. As an intelligent fixed bearing joint with an optimized FEM design, GuideX is not just an "eye-catcher", but a genuine highlight which ensures excellent platen parallelism due to the stable design and guarantees smooth, energy-saving movements. The innovative GearX locking system is reliably activated straightaway within the shortest possible time and continuously produces quick machine movements. Arranged in a space-saving way behind the moving mold fixing platen, it facilitates simple access and numerous customer-specific options.

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