Klöckner Pentaplast has expanded its Pentacard

Klöckner Pentaplast has expanded its Pentacard
Product line to include its new Pentacard kpduo core films. kp has transferred the technological advantages of its existing loyalty-grade card films to Pentacard kpduo films for double-sided printing of mono-card applications.

Designed for the growing mono-card market of loyalty and gift cards, this film is engineered to have the same surface properties on both the front and reverse sides of the film. Peak count, roughness, and gloss levels of the reverse side are comparable to the properties on the front side; thereby ensuring excellent ink adhesion, printability, and processability for higher productivity and cost savings.

Pentacard kpduo films are engineered to be processed on existing equipment without
modification, new tooling, or the need for specialized equipment. These new films offer perfect lamination capabilities with kp’s coated overlay films.

“Klöckner Pentaplast continuously develops new innovative film solutions, such as the new Pentacard kpduo films, to fulfill the ever-changing requirements of the global card industry,” , explained Dr. Juergen Bundschuh, Klöckner Pentaplast’s business manager for card films in Europe. “With the extension of the new Pentacard kpduo films, kp continues its commitment to offer the broadest range of card films for any desired card application in the industry.”

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