Illig launched new thermoforming High Jump Record machine

New Thermoforming “High Jump Record” ILLIG 3rd Generation RDM-K now completed: productivity and product quality increased to a previously unachievable level.

A further influential innovation is the pressure level control of the downholders adjusted to the respective phase in the thermoforming process. In this way bead formation, previously unavoidable, on the upper cup rim is prevented. The material accumulation of approx. 10 percent of the part weight is now drawn into the side wall during stretching. This allows either the rigidity of the cup to be increased due to this "additional material" or the material thickness to be reduced. Lighter weight cups formed uniformly in every cavity contribute to a considerable increase in quality without loss of stability.

The increase in productivity is augmented by an optimized new tool cooling system. Up to four cooling circuits are now available in the forming tool. They can be individually controlled and separately supply the upper and lower parts of the tool and the ejectors. Downholders are now directly cooled. The tools are equipped with cooling channels close to the cavities' contours with cross sections dimensioned accordingly to ensure that the heat is dissipated from the cavities as quickly as possible during high cycle speeds.

Lowering the cooling agent's temperature is not required, quite the contrary. When in the past a cooling water temperature of 12 °C was required, tools for 3rd Generation RDM-K automatic pressure forming machines can now be cooled with water of 16 °C to 18 °C. A further important benefit of the increased temperature of the cooling water is the decreased risk of condensation forming on the tool with increasing atmospheric humidity.

The new stacking device also contributes to improved part cooling. With this stacking device the cups need only now cool for one cycle before being positioned in the stacking cage. The high precision and accurate reproducibility of the 3rd Generation RDM-K automatic pressure forming machines also becomes obvious during production start-up. Once tools are heated to operating temperature, the output of the first cycle of formed cups is already ready
to be stacked. The new RDM-K generation is suitable for both offline operation with supply from roll stock and also for in-line operation with pre-linked flat film extruder.

Illig is a worldwide leading manufacturer of high-performance lines and tools for thermoforming and packaging industry. The business activities include development, design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of complex production lines and individual components.

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