"Home game" for BOY at the NPE in Orlando

"Home game" for BOY at the… The German machine manufacturer BOY will also be present at the plastics exhibition NPE in Orlando (May 7th – 11th 2018). The specialist of Injection Molding Machines in the clamping force range up to 110 US tons (1,000 kN), has a so-to-say “field advantage” at this American major event. The long-standing American sister company BOY Machines Inc., based in Exton/Pennsylvania, presents a total of six, BOY Injection Molding Machines at its booth W2503 directly at the entrance of the West Hall. Since the founding of BMI in 1974, the company has participated in all NPE fairs.

The six exhibits with attractive applications provide trade fair visitors a good overview of the entire BOY product range. The smallest XXS (7 US tons clamping force) will be shown. An insert molding application will be shown on a vertical BOY 35 E VV machine (38 US tons), as well as the largest BOY machine 100 E (110 US tons). The BOY 100E with efficient servo drive and patented control Procan ALPHA 4 shows the processing of liquid silicone (LSR) on a 128-cavity mold. In a cycle time of 14 seconds, small protective sleeves for cable ends are produced. In cooperation with our partner Elmet Dosiertechnik & Elastomere GmbH, the injected 128 protective sleeves are removed from the open mold with a scraper bar. The free-standing cantilevered two-platen clamping unit of the BOY 100 E offers enough space for the removal device as well as an easy and accessible removal of the parts below the molding area.

Another highlight will be the fully automatic production facility for the production of two component wine bottle spouts. A BOY 60 E - equipped with the energy-saving EconPlast - Technology - produces the base body of a highly transparent NAS material for the first component. In a second component, the integrated injection unit BOY 2C S over-molds two sealing lips for an optimum seal of the spout in the bottle. Since an index tool is used with this high-tech application, the part can be manufactured in one mold. The BOY-developed handling device LR 5 removes the parts from the mold and places them onto a conveyor belt. The industrial cartesian robot designed by BOY delivers exact position accuracy and high traversing speeds of the linear axes.

A BOY XXS that produces small technical parts, a BOY 25 E that produces a clear magnifying lens and a BOY 35 E that produces medical parts complete the exhibition appearance of the BOY Injection Molding Machines at the NPE 2018. The only Injection Molding Machine to over-mold insert components at the BMI booth will be a BOY 35 EVV with automation equipment presented by BOY Machines and our partner Yushin America. In addition to the entire leadership of the American sister company, Helga Schiffer as BMI Chairman of the Board - Klaus Engel, former BOY Export Manager, Michael Kleinebrahm, Head of Application Engineering and Christian Storz, BOY Project Manager Export will be on site in Orlando as well.

Dr. Boy GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of injection molding machines with clamping forces up to 110 US tons (1,000 kN). These very compact, durable machines work precisely, provide energy-savings and therefore are highly economical. BOY continually sets new standards in our industry with innovative concepts and solutions. Since the company was founded in 1968, nearly 50,000 Injection Moulding Machines have been delivered worldwide. The privately owned company continues to put special emphasis on engineered performance and high-class "made in Germany" workmanship.

Source: Dr. Boy GmbH & Co. KG