High speed Combi Predis FMa

High speed Combi Predis FMa
Sidel helps its customers raise their sensitive production in PET to the new standards.

In 2012, Sidel will go further in terms of filling technologies for sensitive products, introducing its new high-speed version of Combi Predis FMa, dedicated to single-serve bottles. With the latest and fastest generation of Combi Predis FMa, Sidel will meet the needs of the sensitive beverages industry for reduced operational costs and higher sustainability.

Sidel has refined its aseptic Combi Predis FMa technology to answer the growing demand of aseptic filling of teas, juices, nectars and isotonics. The new high-speed version will be capable of handling up to 48,000 bottles per hour for small containers of up to 700 milliliters, used mainly for on-the-go consumption. The new High Speed Combi Predis FMa is the ideal solution for markets that require high output and for countries where water resources are scarce.

Predis is suitable for aseptic bottling of any kind of beverages whether low or high acid: fruit juices, teas, isotonic beverages, carbonated soft drinks without preservatives, liquid dairy products and UHT milk, soya milk. The Combi Predis FMa technology replaces bottle rinsing by dry preforms decontamination using hydrogen peroxide. Predis dry solution does not require any water and creates no effluent, saving 250 cubic meters of water and 200 liters of chemicals used daily on a traditional aseptic bottling line. Dry preforms decontamination also cuts annual operating costs by 30 percent compared to traditional dry bottle decontamination. It enables sterilization of all types of preforms (Predis) and caps (Capdis) and is available in different configurations. Since bottles are blown from decontaminated preforms, the empty bottle does not endure any thermal stress and can be given any shape and design.

The Combi Predis technology combines bottle blow molding, filling and capping in a single system. The technology ensures high standards of hygiene as dry decontamination guarantees 100 percent sterilization without hygienic rinsing, as required by traditional filling methods. This procedure offers increased cost effectiveness along with high product quality and environmental benefits due to water savings and minimized amounts of chemicals used.

Further advantages include energy savings, a smaller footprint and the potential for lighter bottles. Quick and easy format and liquid changeovers are possible, as well as 120 hours of non-stop production.

The Predis technology for aseptic filling has been adopted worldwide since 2006. Over 60 dry preforms decontamination systems have been sold to date, equalling more than five billion bottles produced with Predis globally.


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