Grocery store pilot taps new sources of recyclable plastic materials

The pilot project included two participating chains representing nearly 10% of the mid-to-large size US grocery store marketplace. “We felt it was important to test out our approach on varied levels of recycling experience,” says Bedard. While one grocery chain had previous experience with rigid plastics recycling, the other was new to recycling. “This allowed APR to address concerns that may differ from organizations looking to implement verses expand collection for recycling,” continues Bedard.

At their March Member Meeting in Atlanta, the APR Rigids Committee voted unanimously to implement the nationwide promotion of APR’s Grocery Store Rigid Plastics Recovery Project. “These containers from the deli, bakery and flower departments are frequently high quality resin and provide a prime recovery target for our members,” notes APR President Steve Alexander. “The plastic recycling industry is ready and able to incorporate these new streams of recyclable material so we’re pleased to announce that we’re growing this from pilot to project.” Utilizing web-based model recovery tools such as signage and “train the trainers” sessions, APR will soon begin supporting an expanding list of grocery store partners in adopting the recovery practices.