"Flowing Mettalics": authentic metallic look in plastic

"Flowing Mettalics": authentic…
The strong cooperation between effect pigment specialist Schlenk Metallic Pigments GmbH in Roth and masterbatch manufacturer Gabriel-Chemie GmbH in Weitnau has succeeded in reproducing an astonishingly authentic metallic look in plastics. The masterbatch formulas developed by Gabriel-Chemie with ultra-fine pigments from Schlenk create a silky, homogeneous surface on the plastic object by means of mass colouration. The surface is free from visible glitter particles and characterised by an intense deep gloss, especially for high-gloss surfaces. The exclusive small series of "Flowing Metallics" was created in ten elegant, distinguished colours as samples in a PP polymer and forms part of the current Colour Vision N°17.

Ulf Trabert, Product Manager Branded Goods at Gabriel-Chemie is convinced: "This type of perfect surface can be cost-effectively achieved through mass colouration. We have adopted a unique position of quality in the metallisation substitution sector with our formulas and the high-grade effect pigments from Schlenk."

The masterbatch can be used in many polymers and has already been successfully tested in a wide range of manufacturing processes. It is also approved for contact with food. This alternative offers benefits in packaging processing for numerous plastics packaging manufacturers, especially in the cosmetics industry, as additional logistical tasks and production steps can be omitted by doing away with the need for metallisation. All the benefits of plastic packaging are retained, including the higher breakage resistance compared to other materials. The masterbatch for all colours of the "Flowing Metallics" series can be used not only for cosmetics packaging but also for food packaging, household products and in the sports industry, and also turns lifestyle products into exclusive eye-catchers.

Dr. Frank J. Maile, Director Business Unit Coatings & Plastics at Schlenk Metallic Pigments GmbH is impressed with the attractive effects of "Flowing Metallics" from Gabriel-Chemie. "We are really pleased to be able to make an active contribution to the development of new effects and solutions for our customers with innovative products. The result of the cooperation with Gabriel-Chemie is setting new standards in the field of metallisation substitution, which we all can be very proud of."