Fast joining of instrument clusters using ultrasonics

A particular technical feature is the precision adjustment for sonotrodes developed by Herrmann Ultraschall and already used in many applications. This technology, which is particularly used for rigid mounting of the entire 20 kHz ultrasonic stack, ensures precise positioning of the sonotrodes relative to each other at distances of only 0.2 mm and relative to the sometimes complex 3D contours of instrument clusters. Often, the rigid sonotrodes are used as fixtures for the component. In that case, a punch made of casting resin is moved down onto the cover slip carrying out the weld travel. However, rigid mounting of sonotrodes at the top is also possible depending on the insert situation, and the instrument cluster together with the insert equipment is moved towards the sonotrodes from the bottom.

Meanwhile, ultrasonic welding of instrument clusters is no longer limited to cover slips but day-to-day applications also include trim elements, such as chromium rings or complete cover frames and display plates. For these types of applications, ultrasonic staking with 35 kHz is used as a general rule. In contrast to classic ultrasonic welding, i.e. two plastic surfaces are joined, ultrasonic staking involves plastic material that is plasticized and added to the staking point so that it is possible to form the stake head.

Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik

However, to realize impeccable and secure ultrasonic weld joints, the component design must be suitable for ultrasonic processing. It is by no means more complex than for other joining processes but represents a basic requirements for successful welding. Key features of a good ultrasonics supplier is detailed preliminary consulting as well as competent support and customer services during the implementation process.

Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik

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