Engel presents new consumer portal

Engel presents new consumer… With e-connect Engel makes processing service requests and ordering spare parts even easier and faster, while also adding even more transparency. Engel will be presenting its new customer portal for the first time at the NPE2015 from March 23rd to 27th in Orlando, Florida, USA. Another new service product will also be part of the line-up; A customer app, which opens the doors to the world of Engel and at the same time to one's own machine park, anytime and anywhere.

With its new customer portal, Engel shortens the distance to its customers, cuts annoying waiting time and reduces the administrative burden for customer support processes, such as ordering spare parts. With Engel e-connect plastic processors, can now request quotations and place orders online at any time. The advantage: It is not necessary to know the exact designation of the spare parts that are needed. In the system, all machines and manufacturing cells that Engel has delivered to a respective company are documented along with the corresponding parts lists. There are animated 3D-models of many machine components, so the part that must be replaced, can quickly and easily be found and selected, with just a click. In addition, the online-catalog also contains the current prices for the parts as well as availability information. Should personal advice be needed, or if there are any questions, a number of diverse communication tools are provided such as text and video-conferencing modules, as well as an electronic whiteboard.

Keep track of processing progress at all times

Placing service requests via the Engel e-connect portal, is just as easy as ordering spare parts. Immediately after the order has been placed by the user, the request is automatically sent to the respective service team and processing can begin without delay. The system also provides the service technicians with access to the complete history of the plant, which speeds up their search for the solution. Once submitted, the processors can track the status of their service requests, making it possible to plan more reliably.


Service requests via mobile phone

The new customer app – which also carries the name Engel e-connect – makes it possible to send service requests to Engel from any location, directly from a smart phone. If the injection moulding machines, robots and system solutions are linked via network, the app provides a complete overview of the machine park at all times. Machine status, alarm lists, production volume, cycle times and other operating figures are transmitted in real time to the mobile phone. In the case of unplanned downtime or in the event of a fault, the person responsible for the process can immediately initiate corrective measures via the app, without having to be physically present on site. Commencing with NPE2015, the app will be available in German and English for iOS and Android.

"Throughout its entire life cycle, processing equipment must meet constantly increasing demands on output, efficiency and flexibility. In light of this trend, service products and support are gaining in importance worldwide," says Wolfgang Degwerth, Vice President of the Customer Service Division at Engel Austria. "It is therefore only natural for Engel to also be innovative concerning service, to develop new products and thereby also create more added value for its customers."


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