Engel delivers turnkey MuCell systems

Engel delivers turnkey MuCell systems
With immediate effect, Engel is delivering full systems for MuCell foam injection moulding on a turnkey basis world-wide, thereby covering the entire physical foaming process chain from a single source. The relevant agreement was signed by Engel Austria and Trexel, Inc. of Woburn, Massachusetts, USA.

The development makes it easier for plastics processing companies to move into MuCell technology. Engel imports MuCell systems from Trexel on their behalf and performs integration with injection moulding technology for control and safety purposes. This guarantees very simple operation of the overall system.

Incorporation of the MuCell plasticising unit within the CC 200 control unit used in Engel injection moulding machines ensures compliance with the highest standards as regards documentation, traceability and transparency. At the same time, Engel 's patented safety technology promises simple mould and process coordination; the technology also facilitates access to the mould room in a pressurised, gasified melt, thereby raising productivity when starting up the system. In addition, Engel is supporting its clients by providing application-specific solutions such as mould trials, training machines and on-site training carried out by application engineers specialising in foam injection moulding.

“MuCell physical foaming is rapidly gaining ground, especially in the automotive industry”, says Michael Fischer, Head of Sales Technologies with Engel Austria in Schwertberg. Growth is being driven by two factors in particular: the increasing trend towards lightweight construction and low distortion of products manufactured by the MuCell process.


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